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Shamika Doula: Your trusted partner in the journey of parenthood, making those first weeks a stress-free delight

Shamika is absolutely incredible! My husband and I are first-time parents, and we knew we wanted someone to help support those first crucial weeks at home. Shamika absolutely delivered!

She not only helped educate us across all areas (feeding, bathing, sleeping, etc.), but she also helped with other miscellaneous tasks around our apartment. That was such a support during a time that felt like an absolute blur – having someone there took the stress and anxiety off of us.

“Shamika’s support during those crucial first weeks made parenthood feel like a breeze. She’s an incredible resource of knowledge and a true blessing.”

Experience the incredible relief and guidance of Shamika’s postpartum support

Shamika is such a fabulous resource of knowledge (always answering any question we have, big or small) and is also just an amazing human who is easy to talk to. We could not have gotten through those first weeks without Shamika, and we highly recommend her services!