Carol C.

Empowering Birth Experiences with Shamika: Your Trusted Doula and Advocate

I was initially on the fence about whether or not I should hire a #doula for my #firstbirth; I am so glad I did. Shamika walked me through every step of the #pregnancy from the moment we agreed to work together. The OBs at my group practice were nice, but I didn’t feel a warm or strong connection with the clinicians. 

Doula Shamika - NYC
Doula Shamika - NYC

I worried that my #birthplan and preferences would not be fully understood or taken into consideration on the big day. Having Shamika as my doula made me feel more prepared for questions to ask my providers, helped me to solidify my birth plan, and feel secure about what I wanted for this birth.

“Shamika walked me through every step of the pregnancy from the moment we agreed to work together.”

Confidence, Support, and Guidance: Shamika Doula Services for a Positive Birth Journey

Shamika was available when I needed her and was very responsive to any concern I had. And if I had a question she wasn’t sure about, she referred me to her community for resources to help me.

During #labor, she was an #advocate, #soother, #guide, and helped me through the most intense #contractions with counter pressure. She also directed my #partner to support me in ways I needed during my pregnancy and during labor as well, especially during times when my partner wasn’t sure of what he should be doing (like in the rush and chaos of labor). The #hospital where I gave birth did not have #peanutballs, but thankfully, Shamika brought hers, and I was able to move even with the epidural, which I believe really helped me to avoid further interventions. I had a #vaginal birth with minimal #interventions (besides an #epidural), which was what I’d hoped for.