Debbie L.

Shamika Doula: Your Trusted Doula for Envisioned Birth Experiences

I am so happy and filled with so much gratitude for having the birth experience I envisioned come to fruition. I gave birth to my daughter on December 16th, 2022, with Shamika by my side as our doula. From our first initial meeting to the natural vaginal delivery of my daughter with no epidural or medical interventions, I had a great experience every step of the way.

Doula Shamika - Katz Women Hospital
Doula Shamika - Katz Women Hospital

Shamika was passionate, knowledgeable, and professional and exuded a “can do” attitude with firmness yet providing the utmost support as a mother, coach, and friend. I highly recommend Shamika because her presence is warm, nurturing, and intuitive during all the phases of labor. Shamika’s expertise is also in breastfeeding and being an exemplary guide postpartum.

“Shamika offers her clients the experience of being seen and heard.”

Coco’s M’brace Experienced Doula Support: Nurturing, Knowledgeable, and Empowering

I couldn’t be any happier. She has been available as my guide since the very beginning, and during our initial meeting, I knew she was the right choice because her knowledge in fulfilling my birth plan was within reason. From that moment on, I was also up for the challenge to do all I can in prepping for the big day that I would meet my daughter.

Shamika offers her clients the experience of being seen and heard. She even suggested I deliver at Metropolitan Hospital Center, and from this recommendation, I found an above & beyond midwife practice called Village Maternity that also played a huge role. I will always thank Shamika for this.