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Last-Minute Doula Magic: Shamika’s Advocacy and Guidance for Your Birth Journey

What a joy it was to support this family!!!! This experience showed my the true power of a vibe!!! It was a real testament to the saying that “It’s never too late to hire a doula!” A hire for a virtual doula turned into the need for an in-person doula, which was exactly God’s plan. And the plan was flawless! I am forever grateful to this family for this experience and humbled by their love of God, each other, and their family!

Doula Shamika - NYC
Doula Shamika - NYC

I reached out to Boober to find a doula literally 1 week before my due date due to apprehension with having a hospital birth and wanting to have the most natural birth possible. Shamika stepped in and literally two days later I went into labor. Prior to that she had me answer a questionnaire about what I would and would not like during my labor process in the hospital and drew up a birth plan that helped in advocating for what I needed in the hospital.

“It was a real testament to the saying that “It’s never too late to hire a doula!”

Coco’s M’brace Flawless Doula Support: Empowering Natural Birth Experiences

She spoke up for me when I was asked about having a resident involved in my care since it didn’t follow the birth plan. She provided coaching throughout to help me to keep moving to reach my goal. She provided encouragement when I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. She provided acupressure over my back to relieve the intense back labor. She was a God send! So glad she was able to work with me last minute!