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Doula Shamika: Your Calm and Confident Guide in the Journey to Parenthood

My partner and I just welcomed our first baby into the world, and Shamika helped us prepare for her arrival. My partner was initially unsure about having a doula, but Shamika’s presence was exactly what we needed, calm and confident. Her energy just clicked with us, and she was so easy to talk to.

Doula Shamika - NYC
Doula Shamika - NYC

She had helpful questions for us to think about and bring to my midwife so we could be prepared as possible for whatever happened at the delivery. She helped us put together a birth plan, which was tremendously helpful. All we had to do was hand this birth plan to the nurses and not have to answer all of the questions while going through contractions.

“She helped us put together a birth plan, which was tremendously helpful.”

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Shamika was also very flexible. I could only have two people in the room with me, and I wanted my partner and mother to be those two people, but I also wanted a backup in case my mom couldn’t make it. Shamika was very helpful in getting us all ready for the day and was also prepared to join us in the delivery room via Zoom.

Unfortunately, everything happened so fast at the birth we weren’t able to set up Zoom. Shamika was on the phone, though, and ready for us. She was texting us to see how we were doing and jumping on the phone with us. After the birth, she checked in daily as we were at the hospital for a couple of days. She came over to us for a postnatal visit to see how we were doing and handled our little dog so well (he does not like strangers). We talked about how the delivery went, breastfeeding and pumping, and signs for postpartum depression, but most importantly, giving myself grace as my body just went through a lot. I felt so prepared having Shamika as my doula, which means a lot when you’re trying to get ready for something that you have no idea how it’s going to go. Shamika is still sending us articles, links, and videos to help with the baby. I consider her a new friend in this big city and will definitely have her as my doula again.

Thank you, Shamika!!