Doula Shamika – Your Rock and Guide in the Unforgettable Journey of Childbirth

I had the pleasure of working with Shamika as my support person during the birth of my fourth child, and I can’t recommend her enough. I met Shamika last minute because I wasn’t sure of the the outcome of my birth, being that we’ve had two previous traumatic pregnancies that ended in loss.

Doula Shamika, Cocos M'brace - Liz
Doula Shamika, Cocos M'brace - NYC

From our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable and heard and really took the time to understand what was important to me in my birth experience. She was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of childbirth and helped me navigate the process with ease. Being that we met last minute, she was very helpful and worked tirelessly with me.

“With Shamika, you feel comfortable, heard, and empowered. Her knowledge, tireless support, and calming presence turn the challenge of childbirth into a journey navigated with ease and confidence.”

Coco’s M’brace: Ensuring a Seamless Birth Experience with Preparedness and Flexibility

During labor, she was an absolute rock for me and my partner. She helped us understand what was happening every step of the way and provided both physical and emotional support that was invaluable. Her presence was calming and reassuring, and I felt empowered and confident knowing she was in our corner.

After the birth, she gave me virtual support(my request) to check in and provide support as we adjusted to life with our new little one. I truly can’t imagine going through this experience without her, and I’m so grateful for the amazing support she provided.

If you’re looking for a doula who is knowledgeable, caring, and truly invested in your birth experience, I can’t recommend Shamika enough!